(Study abroad experience) Canadian colleges, Costs and Course Flow

Digital Marketing program Costs and Course Flow Canada Study abroad

Based on my experience attending a college in Canada, I will write about the class flow and tuition fees for the digital marketing program.

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  • want to know how much the tuition fee
  • want to know about digital marketing courses
  • Interested in attending a Canadian college

What we can do with a Co-op visa?

Simply, a Co-op visa is a popular visa that allows students to attend classes at a school ( also allows them to have a job to work a maximum of 20 hours per week) + work experience ( allow them to work 40 hours per week). Students can experience both studying and working in Canada, and also obtain a certificate at the end.

About the Canadian College “CICCC” (Cornerstone International Community College of Canada)

The college I attended was Cornerstone International Community College of Canada.
It has a campus in downtown Vancouver.

I decided on this school because, first of all, it has a course in Digital Marketing which I was interested in taking. Secondly, it has a short one-year course compared to other schools and the price was also cheaper.

Incidentally, the reason why I choose the Digital marketing course is that I thought it will be an effective skill in my future career. As the other option, you can also take 2 or 3 courses such as Digital Marketing with International Business.

Now let`s move on to the actual expenses I paid;

The tuition fee


The amount I paid for the one-year digital marketing course (6-month class + 6-month work experience) was about 10,000CAD.
It is said that if you are a Canadian citizen, you can take the course for about half the price of this one.
In addition, the price will be a plus if you do not meet the required English level by the time you start the course, and you may be required to attend an ESL school for a certain period.

The contents of the Digital Marketing Course



Key Learnings from Cornerstone’s Digital Marketing Class.

・Basic knowledge of marketing
・Web graphics (Photoshop/ Illustrator)
・SEO (search engine optimization)
・Social media marketing
・Web analytics (Google Analytics/other tools)
・E-mail marketing
・Display Ads (Google Ads)

More detail would be in below:

・Basic knowledge of marketing
Marketing industry technical words, modern trends, etc

・Web graphics (Photoshop/ Illustrator)
Learn the basics of how to use Adobe software and create logos, business cards, and posters. I feel like I learned the basics without digging that deep in about 2 weeks.

Learn how to create websites, design skills, and obtain links.

Learn how to improve your website’s ranking and appear on the top page of Google searches, how to select keywords in your writing, and rules and strategies to efficiently attract visitors.

・Social media marketing
Learn how to attract customers through social media, how to create effective pages, etc.

・Web analytics (Google Analytics/other tools)
Learn how to use tools to check the details of your site’s data and how to improve it based on the data obtained (number of visitors to your site, which pages are popular, how people found your page by searching, etc.) and ideas on how to make it better.

・E-mail marketing
Learn tools that can be used for E-mail marketing, as well as skills in writing effective e-mail messages, content, etc.

・Display Ads (Google Ads)
Learn how to place advertisements on your website and how to create advertisements on Google to promote your products.

The course requires a lot of concentration as it progresses quickly and efficiently in a short period. There are a lot of technical terms, and they may be a little challenging to understand for the beginner.

PS: There are about 4-5 teachers, each of whom teaches their specialty in an easy-to-understand manner. All the teachers are very enthusiastic about teaching and I really enjoyed the course.

Find a job after course


After completing the course, it was time to gain work experience.
To obtain the Diploma, we need to gain work experience that includes the content touched in the course, so good to narrow your job search to positions related to what you learn. ( In my case, I narrowed my job search to positions related to “digital marketing” and started looking for)

The number of job openings in various ways, but almost all of them were for people with experience or people who could work for a long term. So when you also narrow it down to “no experience” or “co-op hiring” the number was limited, and sometimes they were hiring for Canadian citizens only…

But don’t give up and keep looking. There are also people at the College who can assist you in your search, so you can rely on them for getting advice and the opportunity to be introduced to a job.

Thanks for reading to the end!